Monday, September 16, 2013

"Hanging Out" 30 in 30 Day 16

Missing my birds at my new house, although we put up a bird feeder,  my guess is that it's too low for the birds to feel comfortable feeding at, so I haven't had any (sad face).  Note to self....must put a tall post on my list for this weeks buys.

Started this painting a while ago but wasn't happy with it, so it got tossed to the side.  Decided to pull it back out and work on the background  some more (it was very dull). I punched up the color a bit with some fall leaves, there...much better.

Think I have the Monday blahs, maybe it's because it's raining outside again....guess I'll have to put on my big girl pants and get painting,  maybe I can get a few done ahead of time for this week. Finding the painting is the easy part of this's the picture taking, blogging, posting on facebook, twitter, etsy, society6, ebay, ...all the heavy work! :)

My first cup of java is complete after finishing the blog Monday blahs are already lifting! Make it a great day!
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