Thursday, September 5, 2013

"Jo- Mary Lake, Maine" 30 in 30 Day 5 -By Kellie Chasse

"Jo-Mary Lake"

My hubby and I spent our 15th Anniversary at Jo-Mary Lake up near Baxter State Park in the Northern Maine Woods yesterday. However we are sad to say that we had to close up shop and say goodbye this year.
LOVE it up there, but find the 3 hour drive (one-way) a challenge for us with a "puppy" that is 16 years old this year.  She had never been a great traveler especially since she wants to stand up the entire time, 3 hours and bad hips = one sore puppy :(

We were really surprised to find we were the only ones there! Had some much needed quiet time, walked around looking at the beautiful clear mountain water, warmed ourselves by the fire and gazed up at the stars.

 It was the perfect Anniversary!

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