Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Here's me with a Tarantula!
Let's just say I'm not a BIG fan of spiders.  Yeah, this girl wasn't going to let this one crawl on her, Ya, NO! Think you can see the fear in my eyes.

The walking stick wasn't as creepy - maybe because he was a lot slower than the tarantula, but I still didn't let him get any closer than that! I have my limits.

This little guy I found outside our house - he's called a garden spider (had to look that up).
Should have taken a picture of the web he made, it had a zipper closer, quite cool looking!
But still, I much prefer him outside, and YES that's my BIG Thumb! 

So I guess maybe I'll paint some more bugs soon....still have to finish Hopper - he's been staring at me for over a week now.

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