Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Exhibit at Cooks Lobster House, Maine (Last Cribstone Bridge)

Set up my exhibit the other day at Cooks Lobster House, on Bailey Island Maine. Had to bring Mr. Blue...he fit in so perfectly!

Update: Mr. Blue - Lobster has been SOLD

 Managed to get there a little early before the lunch crowd hit. They were really great about letting me in while the doors were locked! Got to see all the set up action before customers.

Here's picture I took of  Maine's historical Crib Stone Bridge!
 It connects Orr's Island and Bailey's Island and supposedly is the only crib stone bridge in the U.S or the world! You can view it right from Cooks windows!

It's quite long actually!

A View of Cooks Lobster House from the crib stone bridge.

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