Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day 9 of 30 in 30 Painting Challenge "FIREWATER"

Facebook info: If you are in your personal account you can tag yourself on a painting and it will then show up on your personal page as well...without having to share. Therefore it's so much easier to follow all the comments, likes and shares! Sometimes it can become confusing if not!

The second thing I learned about facebook today was that it's OK to LIKE your own stuff! Here's a great post I read today by Rick explaining "WHY YOU SHOULD LIKE YOUR OWN FACEBOOK PAGE". 

Funny, whenever my hubby liked any of my paintings online (he's an admin on my art page) it would show up as me liking my own. I was all worried that people would think I was narcissistic! I nagged him a bit and would always click the unlike button when I noticed it. 

But after reading the article....I'm thinking My Marketing Man is Brilliant! :) No more nagging...sorry honey!

To Go Through Fire and Water...has the meaning of experiences difficulties or dangers in order to achieve something Great!
Contemporary Art • Abstract 5x7 Ink Painting • Alcohol Ink on Yupo Paper
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