Friday, April 18, 2014

Getting Fine Details with Alcohol Ink

You Can Detail AI Paintings 

 I've tried an Owl before with inks when I first started and it just didn't cut it. I've learned how to manipulate the inks better since first starting out with them in October of 2013.

With the help of a number of wonderful Ink artist's sharing wonderful tips and best practice''s been a smoother transition than I thought!

How To Detail with Inks
With most of my work I use a fine watercolor brush to get these tiny lines. Pour a few drops of ink into a pallet or small dish and wait for a few minutes until the ink settles or thickens a bit. It's much easier to control the "explosion" of blur if the alcohol has evaporated slightly!


White is always the hardest to use with a brush. I found that I love using the Uni-ball' Signo gel pen in white.

 Heads up....The white doesn't always stay bright white, you can see where It's yellowed a bit, especially where you are going over an existing color numerous times.

Amazon: White Gel Pen

Happy Painting

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