Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Thirty Paintings In 30 Days - Day 10

Finding peace and balance in life is an on going task - my thoughts for today.

11x14" Oil on Canvas Board

I have been married for 16 years now to an amazing, wonderful man, that allows me to trash the house with all my mats, paintings, paints (oils, Inks, and watercolors), boxes, cards, easels....the list goes on! I woke up this morning realizing that after working over the weekend that not only was the house a mess, but the laundry didn't do itself and everyone is out of socks! Anyone else feeling my disheveled mood? 

So I'm viewing my wonderful photo...thinking okay don't think about all the "STUFF" that you need to do, look at the photo - feel it, paint it, and then you can clean  up the mess!

 Okay, so here I what a wonderful day this was, this picture below was snapped from the front porch of the Driftwood Inn, on Bailey Island, Maine - the day I was married.  On this day I remember looking out over the view and thinking about the rest of my life - I felt wonderful about the direction I was taking!


As I study the picture before painting, I see the person down below looking out at the crashing waves and I wonder..... what  is he or she thinking on this same day?

It's funny as I'm painting, I love the calmness of the clouds, the softness of the blue sky, but yet there is a roughness in the seas and I noticed the strong lines in the rocks and coastal shore. The light is bouncing off the sea and sparkling away and I think of a little girl (me at 6 years old) with her hot pink sequined sparkling too-to singing out loud at the top of my lungs....."Like A Rhinestone Cowboy". Ner Ner...(me playing the air guitar)...and that's were I get the inspiration. 

Life is not always as rough as it seems - choose to look at the good stuff, not just the rough sea's, but the calmness, your special moments, look at your strength, your rock, and don't forget what makes you sparkle? 

Find your peace and balance in this crazy world.

~ Kellie

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