Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Creating Shimmer and Sparkle colors | Alcohol inks and Watercolors | Shell Painting

Hi there my Art Peeps!
I would love to show you how you can create your own Iridescent Shimmer Sparkle Paints with your Mediums!  I have a new class on my website. Many new alcohol ink brands are coming out with Shimmering colors, but you can create some lovely colors with your basic colors. 
Let's Explore pigments and dyes to create some lovely shimmers and sparkle in your alcohol ink and watercolors. Get your supplies ready ... and let's start having fun creating a few colors and the shell scene together!

This is a super fun course and it’s full exploration sparkle, shimmer, and iridescent colors.
If you like shiny things and experimenting this is the course for you.
This class is for beginner to intermediate students - we will explore easy ways to create shimmering colors in your Alcohol Ink and Watercolor Paintings!
We'll be using a few supplies in this class and trying out some new fun projects.

Sign up here:  NEW SHIMMER CLASS 
In this class we will cover:
  1. Dyes vs Pigments
  2. How to create shimmer colors with alcohol inks and watercolors.
  3. How to use a Water-brush pen to create shimmery letters that you can use for your wedding, bridal, or shower invites!
  4. We will cover a full shell painting project using alcohol ink and shimmer.
  5. How to Create a Mood board and I'll walk you through my process.
  6. As a bonus I've added two more printable PDF's of shells for you to play with.
We will also talk about Mood boards and I'll cover how I make one with Canva.

Let's get ready to have some fun, relax and create!

Sign up here:  NEW SHIMMER CLASS 
Looking for the supplies, I've made it easy with listing them all here in my Amazon Shop

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