Saturday, September 21, 2013

Luna Moth Antique Door/ Flowers Day 22 and Day 23

"Purple Haze"

(8x10 Double White Mat)

I'm covering 2 days worth of paintings over the weekend because, well's football season (don't judge me)...but I just don't see myself painting on Sundays! :) 

Go Giants! (Sorry New England fans..but The Pats are my second choice) 
It's my dads fault. Wink Wink. Oh and I married a man who's favorite team is...pause....

"Antique Door Stop"


I did two different versions of the Luna Moth. The first one was on a bunch of purple flowers...eventually that is. I wasn't happy with the background at first so I played with it.

Then a client suggested he saw one on an antique I attempted it a second time.
I shall taunt you a second time (Monty Python), sorry it just reminded me of that. Anyways, I happy with both of them now.

 Special thanks for the recommendation Douglas! I love receiving ideas from my facebook followers on Kellie Lynn Art Facebook page!


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