Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Art Resin on Tiles - UV TEST

Art Resin had a built in UV stabilizer and I wanted to share my test with you as to how well it worked for me.  

Love the clear glassy appearance that Art resin creates on tiles.
Here is what I started out with - I created this tile using Alcohol Inks on a smooth white glossy tile from Home Depot. Now if you are new to alcohol inks you can use them on tiles or Yupo, mineral paper, canvas, and lots of other materials. For those of you that have worked with inks understand the pain staking process of sealing them and then being scared that they may fade over time.


If you keep your Inks out of the sun or UV rays and seal them they are much better and Ranger inks are working on better fade resistant. I personally have paintings on tile and on Yupo that are out of direct sunlight that have not faded in my home.

Art Resin works great giving the tile a wonderful glass like shine and really makes your image pop ! I've been using it with cold and hot drinks without any problems. Hot cups up to 120 F are fine, but do not use them as a trivet.

Note that sometimes your cups will create a vacuum seal under the cup so be careful when lifting or you may take the tile with your cup and when it let's go, hold your breathe because it will drop on your toes, or to the ground and well you can image how that may turn out. Crash - New tile please!


The real test - First, I have tried a test tile outside in the sun with a few spray coats of Kamar, sad to say that it only lasted about 1 hour. The fading was so bad I could no longer see the painting or colors. Results inside the home as I said are great, so I wanted to try it outside.

 2 coats of Kamar varnish and one coat of Art Resin - I set the tile outside in the direct Maine Sunshine - it gets about 8 straight hours on intense sunshine here.

Here is what the tile looked like after 2 full weeks of being outside - pretty happy to share this result, I'm giving this a solid 10 - it looks like day one!

Want to try Art Resin yourself - here is the referral link to a few different sized kits.
Art Resin Regular Kit
Art Resin Large Kit

Someone asked about UV spray, I'm currently testing the results for Krylon spray and will post the results here next week. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Resin Quick Tip for an EASY Clean Up

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Here is a quick tip for those of you using Art Resin.

So I'm sure if you are like me, you have that sticky resin all over the place.

Here's a trick that I learned, after trying to fine a plastic bin large enough for bigger than my 12" Round Zen Disks

Use a silicon mat under you larger pieces to catch the excess spills. Once the resin drys you can easily peel the resin off an get some really cool looking pour pieces to layer in future art pieces. 

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Resin Cup Cleaning Tip

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Here is a quick tip for those of you using Art Resin.

I love these 32oz cups for my bigger project, but you can of course use smaller cups as well. The big thing is to find cups that are re-usable plastic not the hard plastic disposable cups if you want to pull out the resin.

Remember the resin only hardens once the two materials come together so for the resin and hardener (separate cups) you can squirt some hand sanitizer or alcohol into the cup and swirl it around for a little bit then take a paper towel and clean out the other 2 cups.

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Friday, August 4, 2017

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Packaging Jewelry - Making Original Hang Tags For Your Necklaces

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Art Tags - Perfect for Retail Shops and Craft Fairs

If you have taken an online course with me (Course Sale Links Below) on Pendants and are thinking about selling your work at craft fairs or online at Etsy, let me share with you my easy way of creating some retail shop tags for your Alcohol Ink pendants and other items. I made these online at Vista Print using the square business cards.  (Referral Link) ----> Vista Print  

I used a Metal Punch for Retail Hanger that I purchased on Amazon to punch out the little peg hooks holder for my hanging jewelry pieces. I found that you can also use just a regular hole punch, but it will depend on the retail hooks. 

Another option and one of my favorite ways, because I'm all about presentation is to use the cards to write up a mini description. This let's your customers know that these are original one of a kind, hand painted art piece. I then place the pendant in a simple elegant white gift box. It is a bit more expensive but it really creates that next level of professionalism. 

You can order these little jewelry boxes from Amazon. I like to purchase them in Bulk and they end up around .35 cents a piece for 100 with Prime free shipping for me.

Please feel free to check out the Online Course's: Resin Jewelry Pendant Now $12 or Alcohol Ink Pendant Course Now $12 both are normally priced at $40 each.