Sunday, October 15, 2017

Lilac Contest Winner

Thank you all for the fabulous lilac contest entry paintings! I had so much fun watching all the emails come in with such wonderful renditions of the Lilac Alcohol Ink course. My students make me so proud and happy!!! 
I want to announce that the winner of the  $10 Amazon Gift Card is Pat Cher. I wanted to share her fabulous Lilac Tile with you all. I love the flow and movement of her piece.
Here's a 75% Off Course Link for those of you who are not Udemy members. I'll give you the quick tools and you provide your art expression and creativity to the course. It's all about you....and I want you to enjoy the process, let loose, and have fun.


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Prints - Quick Tutorial on downloading an image to Fine Art America

MAKE PRINTS of your Art work!

Did this short clip for my online students but thought a few of you may be interested as well.

New Artists as well as those of us that don't want the hassle. This is a quick and easy way to start selling your prints. I use Fine Art America for my larger prints. All you need to do is download your image and they will print, invoice, ship your customer. You can also purchase your own items at wholesale (still a bit high) and have them shipped directly to your customer.

If you take the course don't forget about the Contest that's happening on Oct 15th. Finish the course 100% and email me your finished piece by that date and get entered in to have your chance at winning a $10 Amazon gift card. :)

Make sure to tag me on instagram if you try one @kelliechasse_fineart !

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The Items I used in this one:
1. Yupo Paper
2. Alcohol Inks
    (colors Cloudy Blue and Sunshine yellow.)

Missed the Lilac/Sunflower course, here's a coupon to get started for $10:

Also a Contributor to the Alcohol Ink Art Society - loads of AI info on there - Check it out.
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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Alcohol Ink Play with Ranger Inks

     Demo Painting: Ranger Alcohol Ink on Yupo
 only using 1 color "Slate" and a little doodling! 
I'll post the Supply Links Below.

This week started my Adult Education Courses, which I absolutely LOVE to teach.
Many students are new to Alcohol Inks and the concept of Play. My new course coming up is just about that. It's all about air.  I'll be sharing a coupon via email when it goes LIVE, so make sure to sign up for the email HERE.  

This weeks course was held at Gray Adult Education and we played with A straw. It was so exciting to see my students faces as they began. Although it's hard to let go...they did (but not at the beginning).  

Look at this gorgeous piece by my student Brenda! ❤️ I was so excited to watch her create this. The joy in her face was priceless.

Another gorgeous piece I wanted to share with you from my newest student Jean! She was a bit unsure when the whole thing started but just signed up for another class!

So let your painting take you in a direction, it has a lot of rewards. FUN AND FREE! 

Now go play - be a kid again. No preconceived ideas. 

Here's all you need to get started:

91% Isopropyl Alcohol 
Black Sharpie

Friday, September 29, 2017

All 20 Online Courses are On Sale Now - October 2nd!

**ALL Courses On Sale this Weekend!

Wow, we have a lot of folks expanding their CREATIVITY!!! So excited to see over 148 students have signed up this month alone bringing the total number of online students to almost 2000 since I began my teaching journey ONLINE  January 2016!  

t's Fall and a perfect time for change! For those of you that are looking for a new hobby over the winter , or want to get back into painting and crafts this is the perfect time to sign up. All my online courses are on sale for up to **75% OFF  now through October 2nd.  Most courses will take you under 1 hour to complete - Quick and Easy I promise! Plus 100% satisfaction or your money back!

View all courses Offered HERE  (Reg Price is show)
You Must Click on Have A Coupon and Use Code: 17MCSEPTEMBER12 to receive discounted price.
**Most courses Sale Price will be $12.00US 

Once you sign up you can take the course at any time (no expiration).

Here's what I've been up to this week

New Course is almost ready!
Here'a peek at Another Demo I've added for the next online course! This NEW COURSE is
 about loosening up and working with Air! You will be able to watch me create 4+  paintings in
 this course! Since you are already on my list, be on the look out for your
special Launch Coupon when it goes LIVE!

Free free to forward this blog post to your friends/family and they can sign up 
HERE for the coupons!

Still time to Enter Contest
Don't forget to the art contest for the Lilac/Sunflower Course ends October 15th, 
so still plenty of time to enter your Art!  The prize will be a $10 Amazon Gift Card.
See how to sign up 
Added a New Lecture to the Lilac Course Video Below!

Happy Painting!
Stop by and say HELLO On Instagram!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Contest - Lilac or Sunflower win a $10 Gift Card

I just announced an art contest in Lilac/Sunflower Course this week, in which the prize will be a $10 Amazon Gift Card.  I've created new content to add to the class by adding a background option for your lilacs! 
Judging will be based on 
1. Completed the course 100%
2. Submit your finish project by emailing me at by October 15th. 

Winner will be chosen by Random Generator and I will email the winner.

Here's a 75% Off Course Link for those of you who are not Udemy members.

Have fun and good luck!