Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Contest - Lilac or Sunflower win a $10 Gift Card

I just announced an art contest in Lilac/Sunflower Course this week, in which the prize will be a $10 Amazon Gift Card.  I've created new content to add to the class by adding a background option for your lilacs! 
Judging will be based on 
1. Completed the course 100%
2. Submit your finish project by emailing me at kelliechasse@gmail.com by October 15th. 

Winner will be chosen by Random Generator and I will email the winner.

Here's a 75% Off Course Link for those of you who are not Udemy members.

Have fun and good luck!


Monday, September 11, 2017

Art Desk Top with Art Resin

I'm super excited to share my latest project with you. My husband purchased a new desk for himself last month and I was so impressed with it I must have mentioned it a few times how jealous I was. So in an attempt to burn some extra calories, since both of us work at a desk for most of our days we purchased a stand up desk for me as well.  It is an adjustable desk with a motor to change the height. You can also see the little ergo chair that goes with it.

Now here's the fun part - you can purchase a basic top for the stand up desk, but since I"m an artist that loves to try out new things, I just couldn't go with the basic. So I was off with a plan to Home Depot for a large piece of wood for the top.

I found one that fit the bill - it was a nice pine piece measuring 4' x 2'. 
You can watch the entire process on my Youtube Channel

New to Resin try my Quick and Easy Course on Art Resin and Mixing paints

Here are the referral links for some of the Items I used:

1. Pine Board from Lowes (precut in the Lumber section)
2. Art Resin
3. Bombay Inks
     Colors (Green, Blue India Ink - Iridescent Calligraphy 24R
     Sequins Blue)
4. Golden High Flow Acrylics Titanium White:  
5. Adjustable Desk

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Krylon UV spray over Alcohol Ink Tile Outside Test - Personal Results

So last week I posted about testing my Art Resin Tile outside, and the terrific results it produced.  But this week I wanted to check to see how Krylon's UV spray (2 light coats) would hold up.  Here is my tile before the test. I used 2 light coats of Kamar to seal first. The tile then sat outside (same place as the Art Resin Tile) in my backyard where it received a full days of direct Maine sunlight. 

I pulled the tile down and photographed it again inside after 1 full week and here's what it looks like now. As you can see from the photo below, it has definitely faded.  Especially noticeable in the lighter areas of color. 

I decided to add another tile half way in because Plum or pinks seem to be hit the hardest with fading and I can confirm that.  (Kamar 2 light coats and 2 light coats of Krylon UV Spray)

Tile outside beginning of Day 1

After only 3 days 

Of course these are extreme measures as Most art will be inside!

Please note these are just simple tests that I as an artist am curious about....and I am sharing my personal results with you. So Please, if you have done some testing on your own and you would like to share your results, by all means feel free to post in the comments. ;)

**Here is what Art Resin has to say about the UV stabilizers in their product.

  • **"We have several months worth of data that shows that ArtResin does not yellow even slightly when exposed outdoors to natural UV light. We do not yet know whether these results indicate ArtResin is safe for outdoor use for years and years—the test continues! We are encouraged by the promising results thus far, and in fact we are not surprised by the results either. ArtResin® contains advanced UV and Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers to protect it from degradation caused by UV light." 

There is also an interesting 3rd party test video that was conducted for many different brands of Resins. Their UV yellowing results are very interesting. Now of course with most of us Alcohol Inkers it's more about not fading, but  yellowing can change the colors of our art and it is important. 

Artists - Always Be Testing!
Update: Test #2 UV Krylon Spray Test see the results Here
              Test #3 Testing Art Resin with Wild Plum Alcohol Ink Here.

Also make sure to check out my other posts on using art resin if you are new....you may find a few helpful tips.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Art Resin on Tiles - UV TEST

Art Resin had a built in UV stabilizer and I wanted to share my test with you as to how well it worked for me.  

Love the clear glassy appearance that Art resin creates on tiles.
Here is what I started out with - I created this tile using Alcohol Inks on a smooth white glossy tile from Home Depot. Now if you are new to alcohol inks you can use them on tiles or Yupo, mineral paper, canvas, and lots of other materials. For those of you that have worked with inks understand the pain staking process of sealing them and then being scared that they may fade over time.


If you keep your Inks out of the sun or UV rays and seal them they are much better and Ranger inks are working on better fade resistant. I personally have paintings on tile and on Yupo that are out of direct sunlight that have not faded in my home.

Art Resin works great giving the tile a wonderful glass like shine and really makes your image pop ! I've been using it with cold and hot drinks without any problems. Hot cups up to 120 F are fine, but do not use them as a trivet.

Note that sometimes your cups will create a vacuum seal under the cup so be careful when lifting or you may take the tile with your cup and when it let's go, hold your breathe because it will drop on your toes, or to the ground and well you can image how that may turn out. Crash - New tile please!


The real test - First, I have tried a test tile outside in the sun with a few spray coats of Kamar, sad to say that it only lasted about 1 hour. The fading was so bad I could no longer see the painting or colors. Results inside the home as I said are great, so I wanted to try it outside.

 2 coats of Kamar varnish and one coat of Art Resin - I set the tile outside in the direct Maine Sunshine - it gets about 8 straight hours on intense sunshine here.

Here is what the tile looked like after 2 full weeks of being outside - pretty happy to share this result, I'm giving this a solid 10 - it looks like day one!

Want to try Art Resin yourself - here is the referral link to a few different sized kits.
Art Resin Regular Kit
Art Resin Large Kit

Someone asked about UV spray, I'm currently testing the results for Krylon spray and will post the results here next week.

Update: Test #2 UV Krylon Spray Test see the results here
              Test #3 Testing Art Resin with Wild Plum Alcohol Ink Here.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Resin Quick Tip for an EASY Clean Up

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Here is a quick tip for those of you using Art Resin.

So I'm sure if you are like me, you have that sticky resin all over the place.

Here's a trick that I learned, after trying to fine a plastic bin large enough for bigger than my 12" Round Zen Disks

Use a silicon mat under you larger pieces to catch the excess spills. Once the resin drys you can easily peel the resin off an get some really cool looking pour pieces to layer in future art pieces. 

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