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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Student Using my Peacock Feather Tips - Painting by Amanda Hammill

 by Amanda Hammill

"Think I'm gonna call this guy 'Done'. He's morphed so many times, I think my luck has run thing I know the only way to recover from my continuous edits will be to make him a rooster!
 Inspired by @kelliechasse_fineart - thanks Kellie for your tips!" 

I am so blow away by this fabulous work from my Online Student. 
Thank you so much for sharing your lovely finished piece Amanda.
I love it when I get messages like this!

Very thankful for all of my students and I really appreciate sharing their work and honored that these classes, videos, and tips are helping you all create your own lovely art pieces. 

Please help me spread the word and share - When you create something using my techniques or take a Class, it would mean the world to me if you would please credit my work and techniques by tagging it with #kcfacourse or @kelliechasse_fineart  

You can read more about creating Peacock Feathers in this past Blog Post: Peacock Tips  plus there is a short Demo Video!



New Summer Birch Tree Course Coming soon!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Blue Lobster Love Maine Tote

Ok peeps....Need help, Customer survey here

Please share the more input the greater the help!
So, I'm thinking of ordering these, but I have to purchase minimum of 100! 
So the question is

1. Do you Like it?
2. How much would you pay in a retail shop?
3. Here's a Form you can fill out that would greatly
    help me!

PLEASE SHARE LINK with your Maine Loving Family and Friends - The more input the greater the help!
Here is the Form Link:  (THANK YOU SO SO MUCH)!

Tote Information: This heavyweight fabric tote bag features 10 oz natural canvas, full side & bottom support gussets, measures 15"x18"x6" with 22" reinforced fabric handle

Friday, July 14, 2017

Maine Nature Pendant - Real Birch Tree Bark

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After a restful 4th of July week up to Camp I'm ready to create. I found some lovely Birch Bark during a walk in the Maine woods. The Bark comes from a fallen tree, that I found laying on the ground, so I picked it up in hopes of using it in a piece of Art. I only have a limited quantity of these, they have been selling fast!

I"ve been busy at the Portland Jetport this summer, looks like it's going to be a great summer.  Hope you are enjoying yours too!
Here's what I've been up to this week!
More Ideas with Original Maine Sea Glass!
When you have the Art resin all mixed up an you don't want to waste get creative! If you have been following me on Instagram you may of seen the LOVELY Full jar of original Maine Sea Glass that my Mom so graciously donated to me for my art. She has been collecting this glass for years along the Maine Beaches. Many are from hard to get to places by boat from her years of sailing. My favorite color to work with is the Teals and Blues but unfortunately there isn't a lot of it, so again it will be  created in limited quantities. I will be posting them periodically on my Kellie Chasse Fine Art facebook page, so head over there to check out the New Store I'm setting up on there to have a chance to grab one.

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If you are a creative or crafty person, and you love the new pendants and may like to try Resin Jewelry, I've shared some of my resin techniques in my online course called "Jewelry Making for beginners - Resin Jewelry".  The Course is normally $45, but for this weekend only (100 Coupons are available to take the course for ONLY $10 now through 7/17/17
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See This Weeks Demo Video - Link Below
Working with Deco Foil adhesive and Metal Flakes!

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This Weeks Youtube Video Demo Painting - Working with a Deco Foil Adhesive and Metal Gold Flakes!
New Summer Birch Tree Course Coming soon!


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Deco Foil Adhesive and Gold Leaf


I wanted to share a fun project with you! There is a link below if you want to check out the Demo Video on Youtube! Don't forget to Click Subscribe and Like Button to see more new ones!

Getting to play with my inks are so much fun. I often do a lot of detailed paintings as well, but my enjoyment or creative side (I like to call it my creative brain vs my detailed brain) I find is my favorite way to paint. You can do both! 
Who am I kidding, my mother is a terrific detailed artist and while growing up I was always comparing my work to hers and of course since she taught me how to paint I was always looking for her input. Then I realized that wasn't my favorite way to paint. I often got frustrated comparing my work, but I it because I wasn't painting for myself? Do I really need to be so perfect? Do I want this to look like a photo? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. 

Alcohol inks are a way for me to loosen up and get back to my style.

The best thing about art is the creation. Be it abstract or detailed. Just depends on what direction you are headed that day. Or in my case what mood I'm in. I thank my mother for showing me the HOW.  And now that I've developed my own style (years and years of practice by the way) I can do both and I really enjoy bringing them both together in some cases. 

So I'm always looking to try new things and since I've been creating my Zen Disks and using a lot of mixed media I though I would try some gold leaf with my inks on Yupo paper.  This is an adhesive pen by Deco Foil. It's basically a glue "Pen". I imagine you would have a lot of control if you use the Gold leaf sheets, but I wanted to try a more organic approach with the gold leaf and use the Metal Flakes used for gilding.  

I was really happy with the final results, once I added the Gold Leaf to the finished painting, and I'm happy to share that it sold almost immediately after posting!

So here are the Referral Links for a few of the Products used in the video:

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Don't dare to try Resin because of a Blow Torch?

I know some of you are interested in the Resin Course but may be a bit scared to try resin because of the Blow Torch. 

I use this simple little butane refillable torch - it's a bit like a lighter but with more power!
We had a few friends over the other night for a Fire Pit and I pulled out my little torch to start the fire and my friends hubby was like - "What's that, I need one!" 


They are pretty simple to use and refillable, but if it makes you a bit nervous you can always use one of those long reach lighters.