Sunday, January 21, 2018

Coming Soon! Alcohol Ink and Resin DIY Projects Drink Coasters and Knobs Online Course

Alcohol Ink and Resin DIY Projects Drink Coasters and Knobs!
Finishing up the final details before the course go's LIVE.


I'll give you the secret to creating this super cool DIY unique Drink Coasters and Unique one of a kind Art knobs for your cabinets, dressers, and more!
This is a short Project Based course for 3 quick and easy results.
This course is all about PLAY, and is less structured than my other step by classes.  Alcohol Ink is also a great medium to help more detailed artists loosen up and create some wonderful projects with Resin.
I'll show you some really easy ways to create this super cool abstract  coasters a few ways and we'll then create some DIY fantastic and unquie one of a kind knobs that can be used on your cabinets, drawers, or anywhere you want to jazz up! We'll cover each project step by step. Each and every piece you create will be different than mine. This is a personal journey to create , and your pieces will have your stamp on it or your own Art Expression.
The key is to play and test things out without fear. You'll notice I just go with the flow when creating these. Let go of your perfectionism in this class and say I CAN do this!
Watch the Preview Launch Video !

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Watercolor Whimsical Feather Tutorial by Kellie Chasse

Good Morning Artists!
It's another cold sunny day in Maine this morning. Today we had our first ever Alcohol Ink Conference of 2018 with over 8 fabulous instructors and I'm still on cloud nine!  If you want to learn more about it you can check it !
I wanted to share Tuesday's Youtube Video with you. It's a Full FREE watercolor tutorial of a Whimsical Feather. Would love to see your results so tag me on facebook @kellielynnart or instagram  when you have completed it! It's a quick, fun, and easy tutorial! 
Experiment with different colors and let go and have fun.  I'll cover all the materials with you and you can watch this in real time.

Happy Painting!

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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Alcohol Ink Test: Will Kamar Varnish Lift with Alcohol

Alcohol Ink Test: Will Kamar Varnish Lift with Alcohol.  I had a student ask a question - here's a quick test that I ran with an alcohol ink painting on tile. Stick around to the end to see what next weeks video will be!

One my goals for 2018 was to provide more FREE content on Youtube and Facebook. If there are some demos in watercolor, alcohol Ink, or resin that you have been interested in seeing, feel free to comment below on the blog, youtube, facebook, or send me an email at as I would love to hear from you. I want you to know that I do read every comment and will try to answer each one.

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Safety Note: When using paints and chemicals please adhere to any and all manufacturer safety guidelines with these products.  If you have specific safety questions or concerns please contact the product's manufacturer or your doctor.  I am an artist not a Scientist or a Doctor. These are just my opinions and my process, I am not responsible for your health or actions.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Alcohol Ink Vapors and Using a Mask

As artists we use lots of different products and chemicals that can be harmful. You are responsible for your own safety and protection, do your research and stay safe! I've attached an information link from the EPA on VOC's.
I wanted to share with you this vapor mask that I purchased recently for when I'm working with certain chemicals or vapors. This Vapor Mask is by Strong. It states that it protects against: Bezol, benzine, chorine, acetone, alcohols, anilines, carbon disulfide, cabon tetrachloride, chloroform, bromomethane, chloromethane, nitroparaffin, and organic vapor.
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I even tried it on for you and messed up my hair...yep..that's right (My Hair) so make sure to give me a thumbs up! Wink Wink

Friday, December 29, 2017

Winter Alcohol Ink Art Conference January 16, 2018

Join these All Stars of Alcohol Ink as they open up and share their experiences, tips, tools and best practices for creating and promoting your alcohol ink art!

 Really excited to share our First Alcohol Ink Art Conference with you all!!
If you are not an member yet, you can save $$ by signing up first as a Society Exclusive Member 
Conference price for Members will be $20 instead of $79 and you receive all the access to exclusive content for Society Members only.
Read all about the Full Days Conference Here.
$20 for Alcohol Ink Art Society members and $79 for non-members.

Here's a peek at just one of the projects offered that day.
Watch my quick intro video on Youtube.

Creating An Abstract Wave Painting on Glass – Using Art Resin

Level:  Intermediate
Presenter:  Kellie Chasse
Kellie has been working with Art Resin for 3+ years now and has learned many tips and mistakes in creating with the wonderfully scary at first medium. We will cover her favorite substrates to use Art resin on and her Top mistakes she has learned. There is also a full online demo of how to create a Wave using Art Resin.