Sunday, September 15, 2019

Autumn painting - fall leaves with watercolor!

Watch the Preview Here

I know that realistic paintings can be intimidating for many watercolorists.
So, I've decided to jump in with the details for you in this new Fall course.
We will bring the whole process together with layers and layers, taking your basic paintings (where many of us tending to stop) to the next level creating a more realistic watercolor.

This class starts out for beginners but in the end we will complete a very realistic Maple leaf.
I walk you through my steps so even if you are a beginner, I know you can do this one.

So we are going into details in this course! 

  • Create a simple Color chart with fall colors.
  • Learn to expand on those colors by adding a Glaze to create more shades and depth.
  • Paint a simple wet in wet leaf by dropping in colors.
  • Dive a little deeper with glazes and create some more realistic details.
  • Practice with pen and ink for quick results, perfect for cards or adding some little touches to your paintings.
  • For our final project we will create this realistic Maple Leaf using all these techniques plus a touch of little watercolor pencil for extra fine details!


Are you ready for the next step of realism?
If you said yes, then let's jump in.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Creating Shimmer and Sparkle colors | Alcohol inks and Watercolors | Shell Painting

Hi there my Art Peeps!
I would love to show you how you can create your own Iridescent Shimmer Sparkle Paints with your Mediums!  I have a new class on my website. Many new alcohol ink brands are coming out with Shimmering colors, but you can create some lovely colors with your basic colors. 
Let's Explore pigments and dyes to create some lovely shimmers and sparkle in your alcohol ink and watercolors. Get your supplies ready ... and let's start having fun creating a few colors and the shell scene together!

This is a super fun course and it’s full exploration sparkle, shimmer, and iridescent colors.
If you like shiny things and experimenting this is the course for you.
This class is for beginner to intermediate students - we will explore easy ways to create shimmering colors in your Alcohol Ink and Watercolor Paintings!
We'll be using a few supplies in this class and trying out some new fun projects.

Sign up here:  NEW SHIMMER CLASS 
In this class we will cover:
  1. Dyes vs Pigments
  2. How to create shimmer colors with alcohol inks and watercolors.
  3. How to use a Water-brush pen to create shimmery letters that you can use for your wedding, bridal, or shower invites!
  4. We will cover a full shell painting project using alcohol ink and shimmer.
  5. How to Create a Mood board and I'll walk you through my process.
  6. As a bonus I've added two more printable PDF's of shells for you to play with.
We will also talk about Mood boards and I'll cover how I make one with Canva.

Let's get ready to have some fun, relax and create!

Sign up here:  NEW SHIMMER CLASS 
Looking for the supplies, I've made it easy with listing them all here in my Amazon Shop

Your Art Coach and online Cheerleader,
Kell X
Artist & Instructor 15+ Years ✅
A Simple Living, Full Time Artist, and Instructor from Maine

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Art Vacation Week with Mom

My Cutie Patootie Mom painting the flowers!

Mother/Daughter time never gets old.
I told my Dad I was kidnapping her.....
I had the best vacation week ever with my Mom last week.

The first day we went to the Maine State Music Theatre  and I got to see my very ALL TIME FAVORITE movie
as a play...what would that be? "The Wizard Of OZ" of course. 

Our week was all playtime and sunsets!

Swimming, kayaking,  lunch out everyday, and even had cheesecake for breakfast!
The biggest part of the week was spent painting and creating and here's what we did. 

Day 1 - Brought out the alcohol inks and she painted a gorgeous hummingbird in Masterpieces Hard Core Art  panels.

Day 2 - Painted on Silk Scarves. Now neither one of us had done this before, so it was experiment time for us both. Fun trying different options like Jacquard Dynaflow paints, Alcohol Inks, and even Brusho. Super fun results. I am planning to experiment more and do a class in the future. 

Day 3- We got my Resin out and I made some Maine Lobster Jewelry from the shells.

Day 4  She painted this lovely bouquet that my wonderful neighbor gave us along with some
           fresh garden cucumbers and tomatoes! ( I know right, lucky!!) 

Day 5 - I filmed her painting one of her photographs from Acadia Maine over at the Bluff House Inn.
           (We get a really good deal since my Brother and his wife are the Inns owners!) 

Now that my vacation is over I'm back to working on my Online courses and just finished up August in time!
I'm super excited.......What's it about you ask? 

Ok, so how many of you are seeing all of these gorgeous alcohol inks with shimmer or sparkles? If you have been following me you know that I am a debt free simple living artist and although I don't mind spending money on things I really love, I do like to repurpose things that I already have to save.
Shimmer inks - you know you want to try them!
I'll show you how you can easily create your own shimmer colors in a number of mediums that you probably already have hanging around. We will practice, play and explore a few options and we will finish up this beautiful shell project at the end. 
I've also added 2 more PFD's that you can print off to create some more shells. 
Want to learn more about the Collage on wooden birch panels check out my Artist friend  Jane Monteith's Online Courses! You may also like to see our fun resin Youtube Collab
Thankful to have you here!
Kellie X

Sunday, July 21, 2019

6 Top Resin Mistakes that new students make

I recently published a brand new Fluid Art courses and one of my driving factors - resin mistakes I hear new students make time after time. "My resin is sticky, gooey, I have bubbles in my resin, I've found hair or lint in my resin, it's uneven ....the list goes on.

Resin really isn't as scary as it may seem the first few times around. But let me share with you the top 6 resin mistakes that I see new students make.

Mistake #1 - Not mixing resin properly
I know this may sound silly, but when you are mixing your resin read your directions and double check. There are a ton of different kinds of resin and correctly mixing YOUR resin can be very different than others. If you get your ratio incorrect your resin will not harden correctly and can leave sticky or gooey uncured resin on your art piece.

Mistake #2 -  Pouring your Resin in a dusty environment
Dust particles and hair can be found everywhere. Even if you think that your place is clean a few strays can ruin an art piece. It's important to clean the area in advance to pouring to give dust time to resettle. A great tip is to use a light spritz of water around the area before pouring. It will keep the dust settled.

Mistake #3 -  Checking too often
We cover curing resin for a reason and that's to not allow dust or hair to settle on our pieces. If you continue to lift your box or cover it will allow those air borne particles to get in even after you have spent hours cleaning or dusting prior.

Mistake #4 -  Not using a Torch to remove bubbles
Yes, you can use heat guns and blow dryers to pop bubbles in your resin, but many will cause airflow, which can cause dust and hair to fly around. If you use a torch gun those particles will burn right off, and the torch will not blow little Un-happy surprises in there.

Mistake #5 -  Not Leveling your art piece prior to added resin.
If your art is not level your resin will not be level. Take the time to make sure that your area AND your art is level.

Mistake #6  - Tossing your project away
You have done everything right, but your piece still managed to get air bubbles trapped or gooey resin that didn't cure. Don't toss it. Take a fine grit sandpaper and gently rough up your entire piece. If it's gooey, remove that first then sand. Once your piece is lightly sanded you can add a new coat of resin right on top. Make sure to re-resin the entire piece so that it will stay even, remember that most resin is self leveling.

If you are excited to give try resin or  had a terrible experience your first time - there are a number of wonderful Online Art courses out there!

My dear artist friend Jane Monteith has her new Alcohol Ink Project book out and you can take Jane's online courses here or click her photo below!

One of my favorite resin brands to use in my courses is Art Resin and they have a bunch of great video's on their website too.  I like this brand because it has a little longer cure time and I do not notice much smell.

So now that your know what not to do - give it a try and remember practice makes perfect and it sure is fun to practice!!

Happy Painting,
Kellie X

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Alcohol Ink Pinata Gold Seascape Video on Youtube

Creating with Kellie - New Tuesday Video is up! If you all have been watching my page then you know how obsessed I am with Piñata Gold! Let me know in the comments below if you have tried them! 🔽

Watch the full video HERE!