Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Thirty Painting in 30 Days - Day Six

"By The Silvery Moon"
8x10 Resin Art Panel
Medium: Alcohol Ink

Taking a picture without the resin glare is a challenge!

Well, I've noticed during my daily frozen trips with the wind "just -a- whippin" (Maine accent) that Hobby Lobby is now out of the Liquid Art panels, OH NO!

They had 2 more on the shelf but they looked as though someone took a baby hammer to the edges. (I brought it to their attention) so hopefully they have a quick turn around on their products. I have my black and blue, no not bruised but ink stain fingers crossed. I told one of the clerks about it the day before and noticed them still sitting on the shelf looking up at me like a sad (never to be) beautiful art piece.

 Resin drying - you get a better idea of the depth of it in this picture.

Of course the crazy coupon lady in me was thinking hey I wonder if I can get this at a discount and fill it with some putty...paint it...(naw) and I snapped out of it..... too much work, must stay focused!

Off to start Day 7 for tomorrow, but my fingers are like little frozen blue raspberry popsicle's (what a visual huh.....remember my blue ink stains?) it's a whop-pin minus 2 degrees.
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