Saturday, December 29, 2012

Getting Started - Basic Watercolor Supplies

Thinking of taking the 30 Watercolors in 30 Days Challenge? If you are ready to get started in watercolors I have listed a few basic items that I use during my Watercolor classes.

Cotman Pocket Travel Watercolor Paint Set
Currently on Sale 54% off - $10.70
This is a great little starter kit that comes with a little detail brush. The pans are replaceable.

Arches Watercolor Block 140 LB Cold Press 20 sheets 9x12 Inch
I recommend the 9x12 - you can start small with 5x7 paintings but still try a larger 8x10 with these sheets. Make sure to stretch your paper the night before.

US Art Supply Artists Canvas Board with Cotton Surface 11 inch x 14 inch 2 Boxes of 3 Each -
These are great little portable board that I love to use to tape down my watercolor paper too.

Masking Tape,1/2"
Any good quality masking tape will do (cheap ones can tear your paper when pulling it off). Make sure that you use a mat over your paper before you tape off the area you plan to paint. I usually go 1/4 inch outside the matted area to make sure that when it's framed you don't show any unpainted areas.

Winsor Newton Artists Water Colour Sable Brush- One Stroke Flat 1 Inch
Okay, this is a very nice brush and it's not completely necessary, but if you feel like spoiling yourself I say go for it! Other wise a simple flat wash or oval brush will do. You can find them at A/C Moore or Michaels for under $10.00

To read more about the challenge here is Leslie's link:  Leslie Saeta 30 Day Challenge
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