Thursday, January 31, 2013

DAY 30 - LAST DAY OF CHALLENGE - "Winter Glow"


 "Winter Glow"

5x7 Watercolor/Gouache

Holy Cow...I did it! Day 30/30 of our Daily Painting Challenge.

This challenge was cray fun for me. I had a blast even though painting daily was hard. I realized that not every painting has to be perfect. It was about the process of painting and letting go of the perfectionist in me! One of my biggest problems this month was coming up with my subject matter, although I did manage to step out of my box here and there! Some of my favorite paintings consisted of the close up view points. They always seemed to be food based for some reason. Maybe it's the post holiday diet mindset - if I eat only a's not so bad for me! So therefore my thinking is... if I only paint a portion - it can't be that bad....hmm.

Happy to say that during this process I manged to paint my all time favorite painting, so that is super exciting! Drum was the Blue Lobster, and it also happens to be one of my largest paintings to date. Also, my Lobster prints are now available on eBay. My plan is to continue on this route now that the challenge is over. I'm looking forward to painting  more detailed larger painting instead of sticking to my normal 5x7.  You know what this may not see a post for a while.  

Another note....not only have I painted everyday - I managed to Blog everyday the past 30 days too! I think that was a bigger challenge for me than the painting itself. Said this before but I am NOT a writer. Posting a picture is great...but finding my words, well, not so much. My husband is a Senior online Marketing Manager and he is always telling me I need to write more in order for the search engines to find me. So I have added this to my goals for this year. Note to self...try not to ramble too much.

The traffic as been incredible this month - I have over 8,000 visits to my blog now. Many of the new followers are fellow (very talented) artists! It was so nice to chat with so many you this month and hope to continue. Some mind blowing work from these 250 artist that took the challenge along with me!

Big thanks to Leslie Saeta for putting this all together, and if you have the chance please check out the other artists fabulous work! 

So happy to have you follow me here!
~ Kellie
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