Friday, February 8, 2013

Cluttered Studio = Cluttered Mind

I want to thank everyone for hanging out reading my blog! The traffic here since the 30 day painting challenge has been A-mazing.

Although I still try to paint everyday ~ I've slowed down a bit. Spring fever has hit me over the head like a ton of bricks and it's been clean up time for me. Peaked into one of my closets and so it began....started going through them trying to minimize our life. Kinda LOVE tossing things we haven't used in a while, it's very therapeutic and get the house so tidy!

Crazy all the "things" we collect over the coarse of a year isn't it? My plan this year...for each item I bring into the house, two or more must go out. I find that clutter messes up my head with all sorts of "things" to do and take care of. If my studio is a mess or the house is a mess, I can't think straight....every time I get up I lose focus and it takes time for me to get back into my work!

We are getting a big BLIZZARD here in Maine today ~ so you may not hear from me tomorrow, we'll see if we get the 26" +?

 Stay safe and warm my friends!

Deco Dragonfly was painted with a mixture of iridescent paints added to my watercolors.
 I loved the composition on this one....bug closeups who knew.
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