Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"Ferris Wheel Fair Night" 30 in 30 Day 18

 "Ferris Wheel Fair Night"
$100 FRAMED 

The Maine Fair Grounds in the evening. Lights, Horse racing, sounds, cotton candy, candy apples, and all those fun rides! I can remember walking around for hours at the Northern Maine fair in Presque Isle as a young girl. 

Had my first job at the cotton candy booth way back! I can remember dreaming that night of stuffing the bags full over and over again. Oh, and the candy machine would spit out hot sugar on our arms...stung like little bees. 

I love it a relative of mine (Janet) saw the picture and said:

"The ferris wheel is kind of the "crown jewel" of any carnival or fair...magic. It doesn't seem to matter what else there are for rides, it still is the one ride that seems to say, "Fun & Excitement"...you captured its glamor against the night sky. Great job!"   Awe..thanks Janet!

Also a special thanks to my friend Lynn for recommending I paint it!

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