Monday, September 16, 2013

"Single Lady" 30 in 30 Day 17

"Single Lady"

5x7 Painting size Framed to an 8x10

All the single ladies.....all the single ladies....put your hands up.....singing along aren't you? (Beyonce)

I was out of brain juice last night and asked my friend Arica what I should call it...and she suggested Single Lady. We were typing back and forth on facebook and of course I started humming the tune in my it won't leave. Ever have that happen to you?

My husband and I do it all the time. He'll leave for work in the morning and I'll find myself humming Delta Dawn what's that flower you have on. In my head "LARRY" ugh!!! You did it to me again!

So hope you don't it get stuck "If you like it then you otta put a ring on it" :) Yeah...Sorry.

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