Friday, September 6, 2013

"Watching The Garden Grow" - 30 in 30 Day 6 -By Kellie Chasse

"Watching The Garden Grow"

Day 6 of 30 paintings in 30 days ...I had forgotten how hard it was! Okay, I'm going to admit this out loud,  I struggled to complete a painting today! 

And I should clarify....not because I was drinking....(To Much)...but just enough! :)

My husband is on vacation this week and we have been having such a great time!  Yesterday we ate lunch at Mac's Grill and I had the best Shipyard Pumpkin Beer eh-vah (Maine word)! It had a delicious sugar and cinnamon rim, so you can take one guess as to what I picked up at the store when we headed home! HINT ABOVE! :) 

Today's painting was hard to decide on, but I finally figured it out.
 Step One

We have been watching our garden spider grow over the last few weeks here in our new home, Um..No - I mean he was outside the house, just wanted to clarify that! 

 Step Two

The family thought he was so cool, with all his bright yellow and black coloring as well as the neatest, master skills, zipper web! I managed to grab a few pictures of him and I used it as my reference photo for today. He had been growing and growing bigger and bigger, but today when we went outside to drop in and say Hi... it was very sad....he and his so cool zipper web are No Longer. 

Step Three

Be free little garden spider..... hope you caught a ride on the wind and are fascinating your new family!

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