Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Didn't Post Due To Perfectionism!

During this 30 day challenge I was not happy enough with some of my paintings,  so guess what?  I didn't post them, but kept on and  painted another one instead. 

Then I read this.......

Why shouldn't they get posted, right? I mean how many artists LOVE every piece? Isn't it about learning and growing? Shouldn't we have fun with watercolors?

It's really all about the play with colors, how they interact with each other.  Discovering  how the water moves with the paint, and letting them do "THEIR" thing. It's fun to see what's like one big experiment, and really...that's what makes it fun!

So even if you aren't happy with can learn from them and grow as an artist. 
Thanks for following along with my journey - Happy Painting!
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