Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Vendor Display Set Up

I was looking for something to display my cards on. A friend of mine had used one that her dad made for a craft fair. Her's had one panel up and one sideways so that you could display cards vertical or horizontal.

Just so happens that I stopped into a second hand shop and found this. It was green with red shelves on the back so I had plans to spray paint it!

I loved the idea because you get a great look at all the card options at a glance. Mine were in boxes and stacked behind one another. But...when I got home I realized that HEY this could be great for tiles! I used these little coated display stands from Display to go to put the ones with out hanger up.

Here is the packaging close up. I use polypropylene bags from amazon, they have a bunch of different sizes and have a self adhesive strip.

I used little S hooks for the back and epoxied a hanger on the back.

Also purchased some black wooden tile stands from Aftosa.

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