Monday, January 25, 2016

Painting with Amazing Alcohol Ink on Yupo - Try Inks so much fun!

Painting with Amazing Alcohol Ink on Yupo, you MUST TRY! 

If you have yet to try Alcohol Inks - it's a must. The colors, vibrancy, and spontaneity is amazing with this medium. Sometime's when I start I let the inks take me where they want to go. I find that shapes and images start to take place in front of my eyes.

Hard to believe the 30 day challenge is almost over! This is Day 24. Hope you are enjoying the video's! If you are interested in learning about Alcohol Inks or Watercolors, you can sign up for my Udemy classes online. My courses go into more details and each step of my painting process and you can paint right along with me.

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The online classes are can rewind, pause, and paint them over and over. 
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