Monday, November 12, 2012

Interview with Artist Darlene Nile

Early this spring my mother and I had the pleasure of meeting Darlene Nile during one of our PartyPainter Classes in Farmington Maine. We have had a number of classes since and have gotten to know Darlene well. This month I decided to share some of Darlene's work with all of you. We think she is very talented and hope you enjoy her journey along with us!

This was drawn in 1977 on 18 x 24 charcoal paper with pastels, Darlene was a junior in high school.

Darlene, How did you get started or interested in painting?

"I Started in Pencils, charcoal, colored pencils when I was a
Senior in high school. Then in 1978  I started painting in Oils."

Tell us about your awards?
"Won an award splatter kit from the art in high school!"
My First Time and came in 2011 First Place Oil “Franklin County Fair in Farmington”
(Animal Fox)

2012 Second Place in Oil (building on Ocean out towards Bailey island)
and two watercolors (Seascape and one landscape)
“Franklin County Fair in Farmington”

2nd place 2012 local fair this year 6x8" Watercolor (first)

8x10" 2nd place in the local fair this year 2012
16 x 20 painted 2011 - Local fair, won 1st place
12 x 16 Oil 2012 - 2nd Place Local Farm

What’s your favorite thing to paint?
"Outdoor landscapes and animals".

Could you talk about your painting techniques?  

I'm not a detailed painter but more of an impressionist,. Very big on colors, but enjoy more natural colors choices."

First Large Oil on canvas 30 x 48

Do you have a favorite artist?

Where were you born?
"Norridgewock, Maine. I have lived in Maine all my life but have never lived on the coast."

If you could live anywhere where would you live?
"Popham Beach or on an island".

Thanks for taking time out of your day to speak with me Darlene. Looking forward to seeing more of your work soon!

                   Please feel to contact me if interested in purchasing Darlene's work.

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