Thursday, November 21, 2013

Grasshopper - Mr. Hopper Finished!

We found a giant yellow and green grasshopper sitting on top of a bucket of water, so I grabbed my camera and started snapping some pictures! I was so afraid he was going to jump at me that most of my photo's were blurry!

It amazed me how this creature had so many colors and small details. I really enjoyed my painting process. It took me off and on over a few months to finish.

 Mr. Hopper - size 22x15" The background has been left white.
You can view the purchase information HERE.

I worked with Photoshop for the first time! It's a whole new world for my prints! I changed out the background for the cards and prints because the card stock is white and the original painting background is white...but looks gray when copied.

With the help of my wonderful, smart, and talented husband, Larry we managed to cut out the image and place new background colors for him to be printed on. Now the question is what colors do I chose? Had the same problem deciding on my Blue Lobster!

Blue or green would look so cute in a childs room. These are my sons favorite colors so I started with them. But I am going to try red, purple, pinks, orange....could go on forever!

The cool thing is that you can potentially create anything for the client now to match their space.

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