Sunday, December 1, 2013

Commission Pet Portriats (Price Structure)

It's been amazing how many comments I have received on my personal page yesterday when I posted Libbie Belle. Thank you so very much! It gives me so much pleasure to make others happy with my Art! I really really really enjoy painting pets, and it's the eyes that are my favorite part...The windows to the soul.

I paint from photographs so the key to a great a great photograph! Natural lighting (prefer having it taken outside). Close-up of the eyes and fur color help me capture he/she the best.

"Libbe Belle" 
8x8 Watercolor

 Here are a few steps of my progress along the way.

 Working on the eyes here...I spend a lot of time on them.

Most of the main pieces are in for the details. 

This is the original photograph I used... and it's a great example of a great photo!
The lighting is great (outside natural)...eye's are clear, and I can see her fur and coloring well.
Not to mention her expression is priceless! 

Here is my pricing structure:
8 x 8 = $125
8 x 10 =$155
10 x 10 =$210
12 x 12 =$305
11 x 14 =$325
18 x 14 =$650
16 x 20 =$800

Please let me know asap if this is something you would like to have completed before the holidays.
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