Saturday, February 1, 2014

Heard A Saying That Struck A Chord

"Fear is only temporary but Regret will last forever".  

I Heard this saying and it really struck a chord with me.... it must be the Alcohol ink paintings that brought back some old fears in me.

As artist's that first step is a hard one. Thoughts bombard you.... Is it good enough, will people like it, should I show anyone? These are all questions that go through our mind.

Three years ago, in December of 2011 I decided to take a leap of faith with my Art and listed my first piece on Ebay. It seems sad to say that it was easier to put my work out there to strangers rather than my friends for fear of being rejected.

To my pleasant surprise the first piece sold...and then another...and another.  I added my work to Daily Paint Works  in 2012, and decided to have some prints made online at Society6 and Fine Art America.

In early 2013 I got up the nerve to Exhibit my work at Starbucks, Cooks Lobster House and The Highlands. Then in October I added items to my etsy store and started to explore Alcohol Inks and began having cards made by a local printers so that I could attend my first craft fair.

During December we lost our 16 year old lab so working on Pet Portraits  this past holiday season was very special to me. They really took off once I posted my first one on facebook! I ended up painting seven of them in less than 2 weeks!

So not meaning sound like I'm tooting my horn, but I guess it made me think....that over all it's been quite the scary yet a super fun journey over the past 2 years...Thinking back, I can't imagine if I had let fear win!

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