Thursday, March 27, 2014

Alcohol Ink Tiles and water = Bad News!

Thought I would share my little life lesson  - AI Art on tiles!

When I first started painting on glossy tiles with Alcohol inks I would seal them with a few coats of  Krylon varnish and followed up with a few coats of
Krylon UV/moisture resistant spray in hopes that the painting would be protected, and as long as they were used as an art piece (decoration only) they were fine, but here is the BIG "BUT".....

If the tiles are used as a coaster eventually this is what happens!
I have since had little cards made up that state these tiles are for decoration only.

Think about it this way....if you were to have a watercolor or an oil painting...would you put a glass of water or a cup of coffee on it? Nope....

The problem is that most folks see this as a coaster - I know I did! They are the perfect size right!

 I was on a mission to find something that would make the tiles look more like art rather than a coaster. I ran across these adorable little black wooden tile holders and frames from Aftosa!
If you choose to make coasters then I would recommend that you seal them with resin. They give the painting a heavy coat equal to 50 coats of varnish. It's a process - a messy one at that and a bit time consuming.
Resin Sealed Tile - High Gloss

It's a two part process, I was told that the brand Ice Resin dries much quicker than most.
Make sure that the resin is mixed really really well and that you get the sides and the bottom of the cups stirred well. It takes at least 2 mins of stirring to get it to cure correctly otherwise you are left with a sticky unset resin. Mine took at least 24 hours to dry (at 70 Degrees) even though it said 5 if it's still sticky after 5 don't panic - wait until the next day!

Of course with this new added process - look at adjusting the prices. The resin is expensive and the process adds a lot of time to the creation of the Art piece, but so worth it if it makes your client happy!

You can also check my UV Outdoor test.

Want to try Art Resin yourself - here is the referral link to a few different sized kits.
Art Resin Regular Kit
Art Resin Large Kit

Happy Inking~

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