Sunday, April 20, 2014

Eiffel Tower - Commission Alcohol Ink Painting on Tile

A friend of mine from High School sent me a message on facebook the other day - she had seen one of my tiles and wanted to know if I could paint something special for her daughter's room. I was excited to start!

Her decor had shades of pinks, purples, and black so she wanted to have something painted with those colors in mind along with the Eiffel Tower. She loved the background I had done on one of my dragonfly tiles so I tried to duplicate it as close as I could!

The first go around was just with the tower, but it looked a bit lonely so after a bit of back and forth emails and a bit of research online we decided to add the moon, stars and a few trees in front!

We had a winner - she loved I was off to the next step of varnishing and sealing the tile when disaster struck! I'm still not sure how this happens sometimes....but the sealing process on occassion will do funny things and it ruined the top right hand color in the tile. I was so upset!!

I tried to re-work it, but with inks that isn't something you can really do with the background once it's dried. The inks will re-activate and it changes the whole look!

 So I started over...... here is the finished result (all sealed and ready to go).
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