Monday, June 16, 2014

"I'll Follow You" - A True Creative Piece

"I'll Follow You"

Wasn't sure where I was heading with this one - it's a true creative oil piece. Found myself working on the background days ago and then sat with it for many more before deciding what to do with it.

Even as I painted I had no plan...just knew there were more Islands and reflections to come.

My hubby called this one EPIC - And that's a compliment! Where does this one bring you?

My son snapped a picture of me carrying it to my 3 season room to dry! Give's you a good idea of the size.

I called this painting "I'll Follow You" - because that's what I found myself doing as I painted. I followed the brush and my feelings and it slowly appeared on my canvas.

Have a great day - and thanks for stopping by my Blog!
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