Thursday, January 1, 2015

I"m in a place to paint!

Here's how my days start each day.....I get up and stretch, do a few yoga poses because my body isn't a spring chicken anymore and at the age of 45 sleep can unbelievable, make me sore! I don't get it.

I can remember as a child laying with my head completely sideways, hanging off my moms hip waking up just fine. Now, well not so much. Just from laying down on my side I find I have to flip flop at least a dozen times if not more each night.

So after my whining and stretching, if my hubby hasn't already beat me to it, I turn on the Pandora App on our Tv and play some light music and light the candles, and turn on the Christmas tree lights from Nov 1st till Dec 30th. ( I know I'm crazy to put the tree up Nov 1st, but I so enjoy it).

The teapot's turn,  heading into the kitchen I turn the stove on to heat up the kettle for some french press coffee, because we no longer like to drink from our Keurig after reading up on the bacteria and muck that grows in them! That's one more thing down for simple living!

Once we have our coffee we sit down together, relaxing and chit chatting, you know about "stuff" like most couples do I suppose. Some mornings we get into some pretty deep conversations and others day's it's the simple things. Most days will inspire my art or Larry's post for his blog called CageFreeOlogy.

I really enjoy starting off my day this way - we've done this for over 18 years now, highly recommend it! Setting aside time for each new day with a quite morning consisting of candles, soft lighting, music and sitting on our couch together.

Now I"m in a place to paint and I'm very content and serene....Let a new Art day begin!

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