Friday, January 2, 2015

January 2015 Thirty Day Challenge - Day 1 and 2

Leslie Seata's 30 Day January Challenge is here, and I went back and forth deciding if I was going to do it, can't believe it, but this would be my 5th challenge! My first one was January 2013 and I loved it!

Let me say, it's so much fun to join this challenge but it has a tendency to take over my life and become a bit stressful, yet it gives me much needed discipline. You can see why I have a problem.

So after a bunch of long conversations with myself and leaving it up to the first day of the challenge, I've decided to sign up. Nothing like waiting until the last minute to make a commitment eh? This time it'll be a bit different for me, as I don't plan on posting every day.

Decision made....I headed over to the new Hobby Lobby in Auburn Maine at 2pm to get some supplies, and OMG let me say it was my first time in a Hobby Lobby - um yep, I was a bit overwhelmed! It has only been open since the day after Christmas so you can imagine how packed it was. Head down and my 40% coupon in hand I found the section I was looking for and picked up only 1 small 8x8 clay board to start. Gives me an excuse to go back tomorrow I thought, hoping since it's no longer New Years there will be less of a crowd.

Day one, which was yesterday I painted using alcohol ink and....drum roll.... glitter (craftier version for me I know) on clay-board, it was my first attempt on the clay-board with inks and I wasn't completely happy with the process so on day 2, I decided to pour resin over it. I can say that I'm happier with the piece now. Still have to clean up and sand the edges where the resin got under the taped area.

Let's see what tomorrow brings!! Have to head back to Hobby Lobby now. ;)

Happy Painting all!
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