Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Thirty Paintings in 30 Days - Day Seven

 "A Flower Like No Other"
6x6" Oil Deep Edge Cotton Stretched Canvas 

One of my favorite movies as a blonde hair, green eyed, pigtailed, skinny little kid was the Wizard of Oz. Did you ever get to stay up late on a school night, with your mom making that special "stay up  late" food with the incredible smell coming from the kitchen... of "homemade" not microwaved but stove top popped popcorn with real butter and oil! The big ole bowl of yummy, buttery, salty, gold! Now, I don't eat much corn at know...that big scary thing called GMO's and all those microwave cancer causing machines...UGH!

Whew...where did I go....anyways, back to pretty little flowers. Do you all remember the bright fields of the dreamy brilliant red poppies that almost took out Dorothy? Well, I didn't realize until I watched it again as an adult that they were poppies....bummer...I love that flower!

Hope you enjoy  my version (smell free however) of the not so "Deadly Poppy Field"

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