Thursday, March 12, 2015

Gearing up for Sales at The Portland International Jetport!

I've been the crazy lighthouse painter lately because I'm gearing up for the tourist season at the Portland International Jetport! I'll be there at least once a week during the summer season for Art Exhibit's! Just got my new sign in too, I 'll take a picture once it comes in!

The family and I are planning on taking some trips this summer to see a few of Maine's 57 active lighthouses. I'll be taking lots of inspirational pictures as well as doing some plein air painting while I'm there.

Update: SOLD
 I was amazed to find out how many lighthouse's we have here just in Maine! A few that are on my "SEE" list are Portland Headlight, Marshal Point, Curtis Island, and Owls Head...just to name a few.

Update: SOLD


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