Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Go Big or Go Home - Full Size Sheet of Yupo Paper

For last nights Art Class we did something special, we painted on a FULL SIZE sheet of Yupo Paper.  My student was so excited, but nervous at the same time. This was her first time ever using Alcohol Inks.

We started by picking out the two background colors, stonewashed denim (blue) and Lettuce (Green). The biggest challenge was working in the smooth background as we had to do it fast before it dried and left streaks. We used a good amount of the Blending solution for this one and that really helped slow the dry time of the alcohol inks.

Once the background was dry, we then used a small detailed brush and the color Ginger (brown) to paint in the tree and it's branches. Then proceeded to use all her favorite colors for the circles and dots. We layered the colors over one another to create dots within dots. You can find a similar demo of my LOVE TREE on my Youtube channel, please feel free to subscribe and view it here.

Want something larger than the standard 5x7 or 9x12 sheets, your can order the full sheet of  yupo paper to try. You can also purchase rolls of yupo!

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