Tuesday, May 9, 2017

"Femininity" - Creating your own Alcohol Ink Blending Solution

"Femininity"  $125 - Free Shipping 

Original Painting 9x12" Alcohol Ink on Mineral Paper


It's been raining here for what seems like weeks. April showers bring May flowers right. So today I really wanted to just play with colors and evoke some emotions with less stress about lines or steps.
I love the movement in this one and since Mothers Day is coming right up, I named this one "Femininity".  

What started this whole painting.....I've been excited to make my own Blending solution with Glycerin and 91% alcohol. My first attempt didn't make the grade because the glycerin would leave this funny moisture looking spots on my painting. I did some research and it appeared I had been using too much glycerin to Alcohol ratio. 

So this time I started small. I filled my new (watercolor)  Water coloring Brush Pens completely with 91% Isopropy Alcohol and then added just one drop of the glycerin. I"m using a food grade (USP Food Grade Glycerine) and shook it to mix well. It worked perfectly! It really blends the colors...you can see where I used the brush on the edges for that softness. I will be adding a Short Demo Video on my Youtube Channel.

I hope to create a new online Class for something similar with all the steps in the near future.
In the mean time you can view my 17 (Watercolor, Alcohol Ink, and a few Resin and Jewelry) Online Courses on my website: www.kelliechassefineart.com

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