Saturday, May 20, 2017

Painting A Pet Portrait in Watercolors and Gouache - Husky Dog

Husky Dog
Commission Pet Portrait
10x10" Watercolor/Gouache

I have completed a number of Pet portraits, but these blue eyes are one of my favorites.

Here's a little glimpse of my progress along the way.
I start with the eye's and nose, and then light washes around the fur and ears. Once those are dry I build upon those washes and darken them. The final touches are the layers and layers with a fine brush detailing in all the fur.

One of my go to supplies while painting is the OttLite with the little magnify glass, it gives of great natural lighting and I can see all the little fur strokes on my pet portraits, although I do use this light for all my paintings! I'll post a link for the light down below for you.

For "Mason" the husky I only used 2 brushes. A number 1 Arists water colour sable rigger brush by Winsor and Newton and a fine liner brush.

Below is the original reference photograph of Mason that the client emailed to me. 
He's a beautiful Husky don't you think!

Here is the link for the OttLite
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