Thursday, May 18, 2017

Using Ipiccy to create easy Ads for Facebook and Instagram


Working with ipiccyIt's a great way for artists or businesses to create ads for Facebook, Instagram and more! Come follow me on instagram

Here are my steps to create a this Alcohol Ink Pendant $12 Sale Ad Promo:

1. Go to and click on start editing now

2. Choose Collage or Make a Design - Here I chose Design.

 3. Next Choose your size of the image: I chose 1800 x 1200 image.

4. Next download your image ad adjust the size to fit your box.

5. Next you can add a text block - I choose the color white and expanded the size and used the Fade button to lighten so that you can still see the image behind.

6. Then I used the different fonts and typed in 3 separate Text boxes. 

7. Finally I clicked the top little disk to save my image onto my computer (make sure you pay attention to where it saves your file).

8. Once it's saved to your computer then you can download it to facebook, instagram, blogs...etc.

If you have taken some Alcohol Ink online course's with me I would love to see you post your work by tagging me using the hashtag #kcfacourse

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