Thursday, June 1, 2017

Mat Kits for My Art Work

When I first started selling my art I spent a fortune on Mats! I would begin my painting in any old size, not thinking about the cost of specialty cut mats. In my classes I explain why I always measure out my painting to fit a standard size before I begin. The Reason: Because odd sizes can be expensive. A pre-cut mat in an 8x10" can be as little as $.68  if purchased in bulk (I"ll post a Link below where I purchase from) or as much as $17.00 if hand cut by a framer.

For my online classes as well as for my local art classes and my personal work, I purchase a lot of mats!  I like to work with the standard size sets, as they come with a Mat, Backing (you can choose Foam or regular mat board) and a clear sleeve or clear bag. I do have a Youtube video which covers all the supplies I use in my classes as well.

I'll use the mats to tape either my yupo paper for alcohol inks or my watercolor paper directly to the backer board to hold my paper in place. This also keeps the extra inks or paints contained for my students.

When the painting is finished the mat fits right on top and they place their new art in the sleeve to protect it before they frame their piece.

Here is a (Referral Link) for where I like to purchase my mat kits. I've looked around and the price for   8x10 mats/backing/sleeve is around $0.68 each when you buy them in bulk of 50.

The standard sizes I use are 8x10, 11x14 and 16x20 - because they will also be easy to find pre-made standard frames for! (Another big money and time saver).

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