Monday, July 24, 2017

Creating Alcohol Ink Pendants in Bulk Saves time - Read more about my process!

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I've been busy creating more pendants for my Retailers (above is a sample).  It took me some time to get the whole process down but now I am able to create in bulk and be more efficient. As I am sure you are well aware, that processes are always changing and we get more efficient with time. So to possibly save you time and easy I wanted to share my new process for bulk orders with you.

Also if you seem to have trouble with the Silvery air bubbles with your glue this is a game changer. You can choose to use the Glass Cabochon on top of the resin if you like the magnification or go without.

I will often wait to create my Alcohol Ink pendants when I have Art Resin project  starting (Usually my ZEN DISKS or my Resin Jewelry). A big money and time saver for me was to use my left over resin in place of the glue in the pendants. Since Art Resin has built in UV resistant, I do NOT have to spray with UV Varnish. Plus with Resin, I get less bubbles than with glue and a super clear pendant. (1-2 oz of resin will go a long way) I'll put a link for the Mini Art Resin Kit below for you.

But in order to be efficient with the resin before it starts to cure I make sure to have my pendants ready to go.  Here are the steps I take, so that when I have my resin out and mixed I can use the left overs  right away.

1. Step one was to create all my backgrounds. I was at camp over the 4th of July and was able to get a bunch of beautiful color combos created on Mineral and Yupo Paper.

2. Step two - Depending on the Humidity in the air I will wait a day before doing this step, giving the Backgrounds plenty of time to dry, then I cut out all my circles from the backgrounds.

Now the planning stage starts.

3. Step Three - once my circles are cut I use my black sharpie or my white/silver/or gold gel
pen to draw my Trees, Dragonflies, or anything that comes to mind. I really analyze the colors and choose what works best with the design I see in my mind.

4. Step Four - Once they are all drawn, then I seal them with Kamar Varnish Spray. This can sometimes be tricky because now they are cut.

5. Step Five - After a day of drying, I'll then decide what goes with the different colored metals. I will line them up so they are ready to go (moves quicker if you have a plan before you resin) and then add the resin on top of the piece carefully as to not over fill them and add the glass on top. Wipe up any extra resin that may come out of the sides.

6. Step Six - I check back in on my pieces before the first hour to make sure there is no over spill, then let them dry for at least 24/48 hours.

7. Once they are Dry you can put on your chains and package them up.

Check back next Tuesday- I'll be posting how I package my pendants! Sign up HERE

If you would like to create your own Alcohol Ink Pendants I have a fun online course special running!

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