Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Steps For Painting A Winter Pine Tree Watercolor


  1. Wet your paper,
  2. Add  up to three different shades of blue
  3. The paper should still be wet - add very light brown & Blue lines that will bleed out into the back ground and look like trees in the distance.
  4. As your paper starts to dry you can then paint in your trees, start with a straight line and then fill in the branches.

    5.  Once your green has been painted you can add some darker blues to enhance the shading.
    6.  Start you fence lines in brown.

    7. Fill in your fence lines 

    8. Add some Dark blue on the under neath the of fence lines and on one side for shadows.

   9.  Add White Gouache over the trees to make the snow.
  10. Don't forget the top of your fence!
  11. I then added a bit more shadow effects in the snow

12. Final step is to take a tooth brush and dip it into your white gouache and spray to make a light  dusting of snow.

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