Sunday, December 2, 2012

Client Request - Milkweed Blossom - SOLD

 Milkweed Blossom


Simple Elegance, that's what I think of every time I look at this piece. The black background just pops the milkweed blossom off the paper. The client decided on a white mat and frame and I think it's a beautiful choice on this floral watercolor. Below is a picture of it framed.

I hung it up on my wall to take a picture of it, but as you may be able to tell the glass was left out so that I wouldn't get a major glare.

I used 
Winsor Newton Cotman Sketchers Pocket Box Set which is on sale currently for only $9.00 on amazon, and Winsor Newton Gouache 37ml Ivory Black

 to get a nice deep background color.

They currently have a nice
Winsor Newton Designers' Gouache - Primary Set of 6, 14 ml set
 of primary colors of gouache too. Makes a great gift set for the holidays!

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