Saturday, December 22, 2012

"THE VISIT" - Red Cardinal Watercolor - SOLD

8x10 Original Watercolor

Interesting story about this painting...

We all know that yesterday December 21, 2012, according to the Mayans, was to be our last day on Earth. Happy to know that it wasn't! So, with this info running around in my head I thought to myself, what would I love to do if indeed it was my last day on earth. Well of course number one is spend time with my loved ones, and secondly - Paint.  For some reason my thoughts keep returning to a red cardinal, and I looked for pictures a few days ago....with the urge to paint one.

So here is the interesting part - my husband handed out Christmas cards yesterday at work, and they happened to be my personal art cards.  One of his fellow co-workers asked if I had a red cardinal for sale! It had a lot of meaning to his family and he thought it would make a wonderful gift. 

So yesterday, on my potentially last day on earth..... I painted that red cardinal.

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