Thursday, January 24, 2013

Slice of Blueberry Heaven - Day 23 Daily Painting

  "Slice of Blueberry Heaven"

5x7 Watercolor/Gouache/Ink

Day 23/30 of our Daily Painting Challenge.

Today was a crazy day! I had a workshop today and got home in the afternoon in 11 degree weather only to find I was locked out of my house. Some how my lock on my door seized up and the key wouldn't go in! So after 15 minutes of trying and freezing my buttocks off.....I ran down to the neighbors. Finally got in long story short.....but didn't get a chance to start my daily painting until this evening and I had no idea what I was going to do. Well, food always seems to work for me - I found a neat picture of a slice of blueberry pie and cropped it!  Just finished it and now I'm off to watch American Idol! Have a great evening everyone, and if your are in Maine or New England...stay warm!
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