Wednesday, May 1, 2013

SOLD Honey Bee - Changing the way we eat

Honey Bees - Work in progress. Inspired by a few articles I recently read. Scary stuff!

Our family is currently changing the way we eat. Really trying to focus on organic food choices, very little processed food, and drinking more water. It's been a learning experience for us thus far. Found that reading the labels on our food that soy, corn, sugar, wheat, peanuts, and dairy is actually in just about everything we consume. We are trying to buy from local farmers and started asking questions like who, what, where, when, and how our food is grown. 

I'm learning how to cook differently and the food is so good! We are using more spices and herbs...things I'd never tried. Eating more vegetables, fruits and nuts. Replaced Milk with Coconut Milk and changed from white rice to brown rice and quinoa.Yeah, I hadn't heard of quinoa before this.

I really sounds like a lot of work, but really after the first few weeks it became a lot easier. Just about everything you try your hand at is difficult at first. As you learn you grow and it becomes second nature. Not only do we feel better but our family collectively has lost a total of  44 pounds since March 1st!

Update: Here is the final product

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