Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lovely Note from a Client

 Private Watercolor Session for Lexi's Girl Scout Badge!
I was so excited to be a part of this....thanks Lexi for the interview! :)

Here is the note from my client:

"So, I have a big favor/ question for you. My daughter Lexi is 9 and is in the girl scouts. She picked a badge that she would like to work towards, and needs to do it independently- not as a whole troop. She has picked painting! One of the tasks she needs/wants to do is to visit a local artist and talk with them about painting and view their artwork. Lexi also wants to paint a still life as part of the requirement. After reading through her packet and chatting with her, I immediately thought of you! Would you be willing to share your art with Lexi and chat with her? I was also wondering if we could do a class with you and she could do a still life with you? Honestly, I 'm not sure who is more excited about this her or me!"

                              PartyPainter - for group or individual watercolor painting sessions.

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