Saturday, August 31, 2013

Simplicity - Materials For 30 Paintings in 30 Days

My Art space has not officially been set up since moving into our TINY HOME! Cough cough.. trying not to panic here for the next 30 days of STRAIGHT painting!

My thought? Well, I've decided to keep things um, "SIMPLE"! I'm going off our new way of thinking since....DUM DUM DUM...."THE DOWNSIZE" (Said slowly and in a deep voice).

If I move over the computer screen, it should give me enough room to work some magic! But.... if not, then the handy dandy kitchen table is right next to me...I'll just roll on over.

Materials List: I've added the links to Amazon for you.

Winsor Newton Cotman Watercolor Kit (with 12 basic colors and a little sable brush)
3/4 Inch Oval Mop Series 52 Expression Artist Paint Brush By Robert Simmons

#5 M Grumbacher N.Y. Red sable  (This is an antique brush that I love!)
Arches Watercolor Block 140 LB Cold Press 20 sheets 7x10 Inch (that I cut in two.)

Winsor Newton Designers' Gouache - Primary Set of 6, 14 ml
Although I'm only using the black and white.

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