Sunday, September 29, 2013

"A IS FOR APPLE" Ricker Hill Orchard 30 in 30 Day 29

We went out on a road trip this morning to take some pictures of the fall leaves but ended up at Ricker Hill Orchards! So happy we did...because while I was out taking pictures of the goats and pumpkins Larry was inside the bake shop picking up fresh apple doughnuts and a pumpkin chocolate chip whoopie pie! And OH MY GOD - was it GOOD!

After we got home it was time for the football game - so at 4pm I threw in my laundry (first wash of the week - YIKES) and started looking through my pictures.

Have some amazing shots, but figured they are really too difficult in my short amount of paint time today (the Patriots are on at 8:30) so I simplified down to just one apple. It' rather amazing how simple an apple looks to paint isn't it?....but they are NOT!

8x10 Frame

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