Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Shadow - Autumn Maine Leaf

Autumn Maine Leaf
6x6 Orignal Watercolor

Happy Fall everyone! Opted to paint a 6x6" just to give myself a bit more room for the leaf. Only problem is that I do not stock mats for this size. Hmmm, what to do?

Decided to ask a question on my Kellie Lynn Art facebook page to see if clients and artists prefer their art to be:

1. Un-matted
2. Matted Only  
3. Matted and Framed 

Most folks felt the work definitely needed to at least come with a Mat, but when it came to frames it was a very individual decision. Frames are such a personalized piece of the puzzle not to mention the cost of a frame can be all over the board.

Some people said the total price could deter them from making a purchase while others said if it didn't come with a frame they may never get around to hanging the art up. Most said that the cost would affect their decision.

I usually sell my work Matted and sometimes offer the frame as an option on my smaller 5x7 pieces online. They are a very basic 1" black or white 8x10 wooden frame. 

It does become more expensive to ship with frames and then glass is of course breakable so more materials are needed to secure during shipment. But I have to agree it certainly finishes the look with one.

For my gallery pieces and exhibits, they are always matted and framed! 

So what did I learn from this - people like options. My thought is to continue to offer a simple cost effective frame, so that the work is complete. It's always and option to re-frame to fit your own taste, don't you think? 

My work in model started to shrivel before my eyes.


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