Thursday, March 19, 2015

How long does it take you to paint at Custom Pet Portrait?

One of my favorite subjects to paint are pet portraits. This is a commission painting I just finished of Mason, he's a beautiful looking husky don't you think! 

It's always interesting when I just start out how much the paintings change during the whole detailing process, I've shared some steps during my painting process below. 

People always ask me how long does it take to paint a pet and you know, it really varies. I spend an absorbament amount of time on the details once the basic shape is in. I start and stop on a painting throughout the day, but find that once I'm "INTO" the painting it's hard for me to NOT keep working for hours on end until I'm happy with a section. 

That being said....I've learned along the way that when you are frustrated with a section or piece of your painting, it's best to walk away. Many times after I let my eyes and mind rest, I come back and spot that one little problem area right away.

Sometimes it will take me weeks to complete a painting and other times things just go smoothly and I'll accomplish it in days.  Each painting varies and in some cases what I think will be easy...turns out to be harder than expected.  

So I guess to answer the question - How long does it take me? Well the answer is...I never know. Because like every person and pet - each painting is different and takes on a life of it's own.

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