Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Deco Foil Adhesive and Gold Leaf


I wanted to share a fun project with you! There is a link below if you want to check out the Demo Video on Youtube! Don't forget to Click Subscribe and Like Button to see more new ones!

Getting to play with my inks are so much fun. I often do a lot of detailed paintings as well, but my enjoyment or creative side (I like to call it my creative brain vs my detailed brain) I find is my favorite way to paint. You can do both! 
Who am I kidding, my mother is a terrific detailed artist and while growing up I was always comparing my work to hers and of course since she taught me how to paint I was always looking for her input. Then I realized that wasn't my favorite way to paint. I often got frustrated comparing my work, but I it because I wasn't painting for myself? Do I really need to be so perfect? Do I want this to look like a photo? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. 

Alcohol inks are a way for me to loosen up and get back to my style.

The best thing about art is the creation. Be it abstract or detailed. Just depends on what direction you are headed that day. Or in my case what mood I'm in. I thank my mother for showing me the HOW.  And now that I've developed my own style (years and years of practice by the way) I can do both and I really enjoy bringing them both together in some cases. 

So I'm always looking to try new things and since I've been creating my Zen Disks and using a lot of mixed media I though I would try some gold leaf with my inks on Yupo paper.  This is an adhesive pen by Deco Foil. It's basically a glue "Pen". I imagine you would have a lot of control if you use the Gold leaf sheets, but I wanted to try a more organic approach with the gold leaf and use the Metal Flakes used for gilding.  

I was really happy with the final results, once I added the Gold Leaf to the finished painting, and I'm happy to share that it sold almost immediately after posting!

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