Friday, October 18, 2019

New Skillshare Mood Board Classes

Hello, my creative friends!

I have something very special to share with you today!  
I’ve been secretly working with an amazing group of teachers to bring you a special set
of classes on Mood Boards!!!  
A mood board is an arrangement of images, materials, text, and textures
intended to evoke a particular mood/emotion, style, or concept.  

In other words, 
A mood board is an inspirational way to convey information.  :-)

They can be made with any type of art medium, including collage, traditional art media
such as watercolor, and even can be done digitally.  But, you can learn more about
that in our classes!!

We’ve gone all out to create a unique set of 5 classes that you will love! 
Each class in the set will include at least one mood board lesson.
The teachers I’m working with each have their own specialty. 
Let me introduce them!!

FREE CLASS LINKS for Non-Premium Members

Each Artist in the Collaboration has generously offered up 5 FREE Links to the courses for    Non-Premium Members. Grab it while they last!

I would love to show you how you can create your own Iridescent
Shimmer Sparkle Paints with your Mediums!
This class is for beginners and up. 

Explore pigments and dyes to create some lovely shimmers
and sparkle in your alcohol ink and watercolors.

We will mix and play with colors and then I’ll take you through the
entire video of my steps and process to create this beautiful shell scene.
Plus I’ll show you how I create my mood board.

Kellie Chasse - Kellie Chasse Fine Art
Kellie Chasse is an amazing fine artist and art teacher! 
She has taught thousands of students from over 85 countries. 
Kellie’s focus is on helping you connect with your inner artist by creating
realistic watercolor, Alcohol ink, and resin art. 

Kellie’s teaching is straight-forward, easy to follow, and full of tips, tricks, and options!  

"Remember not to take life so seriously and always stay Creative!"

Find Kellie:  Online Classes   Instagram    Facebook    Youtube    Blog

Are you a creative who wants to get noticed? Mood boards are a hot trend,
you don’t want to miss out on.

Learn how I showcase my artwork in a really
unique way using mood boards made in the Procreate app,
and get noticed with easy time lapse videos.
Great for all creatives including photographers!

Chris V. is a fantastic fashion illustrator and digital artist! 
She has an amazing passion for watercolor and illustration, and wants to
share that with you. 

From her experience in the fashion industry,
she shares in-depth techniques in a friendly, upbeat way that’s
compelling for both experienced students and beginners.
Chris’s classes are fun and engaging! 

We have 5 FREE Skillshare Classes to give-a-way!

In Abbey’s class, Watercolor Mood Letters, you will learn the techniques
she uses to create a hand lettering piece using color themed mood boards
as inspiration for color and texture. 

The class will go over some basic understanding of some of the fundamentals
of art including: color, texture, balance, and movement.
The class will also cover some basic lettering styles including:
blackletter, serif, sans serif, and script.

Combining all that the class teaches, Abbey will demonstrate
how to create a step by step class project consisting of six different styles
of the same letter using a specific color theme. 

Abbey Otto Wilson - Art on Instagram Art on Facebook

Abbey Otto Wilson is a letterer extraordinaire who loves to use watercolor
and brush pens as mediums to create.  Abbey’s lettering style is unique.
She embraces a lighthearted and playful style - and the results are amazing!
She’s only been teaching on Skillshare for a short time,
but her classes are great! 

Abbey’s approach to teaching allows even the most inexperienced student
in lettering to be successful.


We have 5 FREE Skillshare Classes to give-a-way!

Class Description:
In this class, you will learn how to paint whimsical floral wreaths
to make handmade greeting cards.

We’ll take a deeper dive into painting florals, leaves and twigs
to create the wreath composition.
I'll be sharing tips on how to build a color palette using mood boards
and inspiration to paint more intuitively.
You will select watercolor based on how you want your project to feel:
warm or cool. 
Together, we will create a handmade card with 3D elements and glowing finish details.

Lisa Hetrick
Lisa Hetrick is a fun and fabulous flowy, flowy watercolor artist and teacher!
Her classes She is a watercolor artist, maker, and graphic designer focused on
“Art that Makes You Feel Good.”  Her art brings word and image together in
an inspiring and JOY filled way. It is her intention to help you create more joy
in your life through painting.

Lisa’s classes are full of joy, yet she teaches you everything you need to know
about the subject, step-by-step. 

Find Lisa:  Online Classes   Instagram    Facebook    Youtube    Blog

(Weekly tutorial on YouTube)

We have 5 FREE Skillshare Classes to give-a-way!

Let’s paint a watercolor mood board!  Even better - let’s go through the whole
design process for creating an inspirational mood board - start to finish!!

In this class for intermediate students, we will gather ideas, make choices,
design, sketch, and paint a wonderful watercolor mood board.  See you in class!!

Jessica Sanders - Color Me Creative Art 
I am Jessica Sanders, and I believe art can change the world! 
I teach watercolor and mixed-media art. I'm here to encourage you to explore creativity,
to embrace the process, and experience the joy that comes from letting go and working
loosely and intuitively. It's my heart to see you enjoy creating while learning to achieve
great results.    

Find Jessica on:  Skillshare     YouTube    Instagram

Can't wait for you to try a few of these classes out, I know I'll be signing up myself!
Happy Creating everyone,


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