Alcohol Ink doodle with my new Glass Pen

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well.
I've been out walking a lot these past few weeks. Getting some outdoor time and of course, painting a lot.

Today I wanted to share some creative time with you. I got in a new glass calligraphy dip pen and wanted to show you how I used it with alcohol inks.

It's made of glass and has this beautiful colorful center. The end of it has this spiral design that helps hold the inks. It comes with a glass container and holder when you are not using it. It also has 4 colors named after animals and has some gold power or iridescent color mixed in.

Played with a few doodles and colors so you can see how it works.
You can watch the full tutorial on my youtube channel here.

It was fun and I'm excited to try it out with some masking fluid and maybe use it to add some details to my next watercolor painting.

Stay safe and creative!


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